The beginning

We are a young friendly tennis team with ambitious plans, a cheerful mood and an open mind. We are from Russia. Our team was founded in 2018. In the beginning, there were only four members, four children. But the training process was so exciting and the emotions were so bright, that their parents joined. So, that was the beginning when the team was formed. Now dayes the team members are from four years old till fifty. That makes our team unique because we combine the energy of youth, the strength of middle years and the wiseness of old ages. Do you like tennis as we like it?


Partnership with the Haskovo Tennis Club

In the summer of 2019, we had a unique opportunity to visit the native tennis club of Grigor Dimitrov in Bulgaria. ( We trained every day, and our youngest tennis players were in third place in the podium of the international tennis tournament of the United Russian Tennis League.
We returned to Russia with excellent results, new partnerships and the coaching methodology of Dimitr Dimitrov, which we are now working on.

Nowadays our team is more than thirty members. And we are waiting for new people to join our friendly team. Do you like tennis as we like it?

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